Partner Programs

Partner Programs

Aspenify works extensively with partners from around the world to implement solutions.  We have found that the Aspenify’s leading digital application platform is a very valuable component of their customer solutions.  With Aspenify, these partners are able to improve their value to existing customers by providing them with a flexible and infinitely scalable platform to better meet their objectives as well as reach out to new customers with new and improved capabilities embedded in Aspenify.   With Aspenify, these partners are more competitive, achieve higher growth, and retain customers for the long-term. 

Reach out to us if you are interested in any of these partner relationships:


Aspenify Solution Partner
Create unique solutions to complement ASPENIFY software for companies operating in specific geographies and in specific business areas. 

ASPENIFY and SOLUTION PARTNERS collaborate in pursuit of the creation and delivery of a total solution through jointly selling and delivering professional services and software that creates added business impact and success for end customers.  

These services may include business consultancy, software professional services, managed services, support and other such bespoke or packaged services as is appropriate to improve end customer engagements, deliver transformation and enable adoption of advanced Aspenify solutions.

Aspenify Managed Solution Partner
Create unique added value to the ASPENIFY Products with its MANAGED SOLUTION PARTNER-branded offering(s) to end users. 

The partner typically operates within a specified geography and provides a branded offering to a particular set of customers that is delivered as a managed solution.   

Aspenify supports the MANAGED SOLUTION PROVIDER in various ways including developing unique application front ends, deep support, and flexible licensing arrangements.

Aspenify Technology Partner
ASPENIFY TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS are developers of a Technology Partner-branded technology platform for companies operating in specific geographies and within defined industries. ating in specific geographies and in specific business areas. 

Aspenify provides software licenses, APIs,  and/or certain proprietary digital content, technology and/or services which the parties believe will be beneficial to such efforts. 

The ASPENIFY TECHNOLOGY PARTNER integrates and adds value to the ASPENIFY Products with its Technology Partner-branded platform, and to provide such integrated platform to end users.