Knowledge to know-how
Innovate together. Collaborate and get stuff done.
Knowledge to know-how
Accelerate Onboarding. Quickly and Efficiently Recruit and Empower Teams.
Knowledge to know-how
Accelerate adoption. Easily find and use stuff when and where you need it
Knowledge to know-how
Be Agile. Tune your knowledge on the fly.

Knowledge Designer

Collaborate, capture and publish re-usable playbooks, content workflows and useful content

Knowledge Navigator

Re-use and Customize playbooks to launch, manage and track events, projects or initiatives

Knowledge Exchange

Monetize, Browse, Shop, and Review Published Playbooks across your own global community

Key Features

All Subscribers can create their own Secure Workspaces where you can build a community, set permissions and collaborate real-time.

Invite friends, associates, customers and partners to become your personalized knowledge community.

Design your own Playbooks by seamlessly arranging activities, content and communities. Add new content using drag and drop workflows. Align your community and teams’ objectives and roles with a single click.

Once Playbooks are defined Aspenify can auto-generates Timelines and Schedules on your behalf. Tune and refine your Timelines to ensure Agile execution of Plays and Activities.

Live, Realtime Dashboards and Reporting across multiple Workspaces, Plays and Activities. Using our in-built Analytics platform Aspenify can present up-to-the minute updates at any level.

Enable all authorized users within a Workspace to collaborate real-time with each other on Playbooks, Content and Activities. Watch as your friends and associated edit and enhance your collective content together real time using animated images and indicators showing shared updates.

System-wide Notifications and Alerts provided through a simple to use pop up panel with easy review and approval.

Combine advanced search with assignable content to ensure that all of the required resources for an Activity are available when and where you need them at a click of a button.

Easily connect to Content stored at your favorite Cloud Storage provider such as Box, Dropbox or Microsoft One Drive. In addition, you can Import Content using a simple drag and drop from your desktop.


Helping Real Estate Agents and Brokers provide a seamless interactive experience for repeatable services for recruitment, onboarding, individual home purchase, sales and commercial transactions.

Assisting Universities and Educational institutions increasing transparency of services to support campus life, student & lecturer onboarding, curriculum management and other key education programs.

Providing a comprehensive set of capabilities to enable IT Services and other Hi-Tech companies to develop standard practices and operating procedures for global service delivery while increasing transparency to customers.

Game development and production studios are using Aspenify to launch new and innovative gaming models such as VR and Online gaming to franchises, Arcades and local developers.

Accelerate recruitment and onboarding of new Retail distribution channels by providing repeatable playbooks to help launch new products and services to the Retail industry.

Accelerating Rapid Response times for emergency services requiring onboarding and coordination across multiple large teams such as search and rescue services.

Enables the creation, sharing and use of itineraries created by our global community. Document locations, restaurants, hotels, events in a streamlined playbook and share online.

TV and Movie production studios are seeking new ways to organize production teams, cast and other key services.
Aspenify is working closely with this industry to increase transparency and accelerate production for new shows and movies.

Game development and production studios are using Aspenify to launch new and innovative gaming models such as VR, E-Sports and Online gaming to franchises, Arcades and local developers.

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