Aspenify Journey™

Sales Acceleration for Emerging Products and Services

Journey Summary

No Problem. We Have You Covered.

How we help our clients accelerate sales and enhance customer experience for services and solution led sales.

Our clients are seeking new ways to accelerate for emerging products using advanced solution sales practices, enablement and automation techniques.

Accelerate sales velocity for direct, channel, suppliers and product led sales models

Our Aspenify Journey™ application solution provides a simple, intuitive modern application experience that empowers sales teams to accelerate enablement, automate account planning and proposal generation processes.

Journey Overview

Aspenify Journey™ Overview

Journey Features

The Aspenify Journey™ application enables organizations to accelerate sales growth for emerging products and services. The application automates sales playbooks along with providing an integrated enablement knowledgebase linked to external apps and systems within your environment.

Here are some of the features we support in our Aspenify Vantage solution:

  • Live and interactive sales enablement
  • Online account planning
  • Automated Proposal Generation
  • Interactive Sales Playbooks™ defining solution sales processes
  • Flexible Knowledge Library with extensibility to shared storage and external websites and apps
  • Curated content with Access, Filtering and Search for sales and marketing assets
  • Checklist tracking
  • AI based recommendation engine for handling sales objections
  • Live coaching and training
  • Notifications and Alerts on customer news and events
  • Real-time Analytics and Dashboards showing account, territory and product related information
  • Automated document generation and management
  • Map Visualization for showing heatmaps of sales information
  • Easy Territory, Organization and Team Management
  • Single Sign On/Active Directory Support
  • Secure Multi-tenant Workspaces per Account
  • Least Privilege Role Based Access Control
  • Event History and Logs
  • Audit Trail and Logging
  • Seamless integration into existing CRM and knowledge management solutions
  • Additional Integrations included Microsoft 365, Atlassian, Google, Amazon, and many more….

Journey Examples

Aspenify Journey™ Use Cases

software engineer standing beside server racks
Aspenify Journey™ for Hybrid-Cloud Solution Sales Acceleration

Use Case : Hybrid-Cloud Solution Sales Acceleration

Industry : IT Hardware and Software

Summary : Our client, a market leading IT Manufacturer in the Computer Storage industry has been developing new Cloud products in the past few years. They are looking to adapt their sales force to sell this new portfolio.

“Aspenify is helping us empower our sales teams by digitalizing our enablement processes and automating account planning and proposal generation – this is saving time and streamlining sales across our teams… We can now activate sales faster and generate more growth, at scale…”

man holding business presentation
Aspenify Journey™ for Strategic Sales Transformation

Use Case : Strategic Account Sales Enablement company

Industry : Sales Transformation & Enablement

Summary : Our customer in this use case is also our partner. They have selected Aspenify to provide their digital sales platform for enablement, account planning and proposal management. The Aspenify platform, our interactive playbooks and shared knowledgebase are perfect for creation of a comprehensive sales enablement solution. This sales solution is being used by Fortune 1000 companies to accelerate sales across the world.

“We have selected Aspenify as our strategic platform for solution sales enablement due to it’s ability to combine sales playbooks, automation and a shared knowledgebase together to provide a seamless, integrated experience for our clients… We are achieving 200% growth with Aspenify today…..”