Aspenify Vantage™ Application

Active Resilience, Sustainability and Compliance

Vantage Summary

Are operational resilience, sustainability and compliance strategic to your success ?

No problem. We have you covered.

Prepare for and reduce risk operational, by making sure all personnel, suppliers and partners achieve the highest standards incompliance, governance and continuity as a foundation for a resilient and sustainable business.

Shift from reactive to proactive resilience

Even well prepared organisations can be blindsided by events that can cause safety issues, financial liability and potentially impact company value. Only careful planning and testing ahead of time can truly mitigate risk. The ability to maintain visibility, test and retest, is at the heart of a proactive solution with Aspenify.

Vantage Overview

Aspenify Vantage™ Overview

Vantage Features

The Aspenify Vantage™ application enables organizations to enact their strategy for Active Resilience, Compliance Automation and ESG. By using Interactive Playbook you can codify key business processes, policies, standards and compliance models for adoption at scale across your employees, partners, suppliers, customers and communities.

Here are some of the features we support in our Aspenify Vantage solution:

  • Interactive Playbooks™
  • Flexible Knowledge Library
  • Customizable filtering and search
  • Checklist tracking
  • Full Event History
  • Audit Trail and Logging
  • Judging and Peer group Testing & Signoff
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Real-time Analytics and Dashboards
  • Automated Document Management
  • Map Visualization
  • Document Automation
  • Community, Organization and Team Setup & Management
  • Single Sign On/Active Directory Support
  • Secure Multi-tenant Workspaces per Account
  • Least Privilege Role Based Access Control
  • Event History and Logs
  • Extensive integration support using our interactive API gateway.
  • Integrations available today included Microsoft 365, Atlassian, Google, Amazon, and many more….

Vantage Examples

Aspenify Vantage™ Use Cases

Aspenify Vantage™ for Business Continuity and Incident Response

Use Case : Business Continuity Planning and Incident Response

Industry : Logistics and Transportation

Summary : Our client, a market leading logistics company has hundreds of locations transporting diverse products, goods and equipment. Aspenify, along with our partner Senaryo Services (, have changed the game for how they ensure consistent, measurable and efficient best practices across their entire network.

“Äspenify has changed the game for us.. Our business continuity solution is now a key differentiator for us. We are actively promoting it to our clients as a value-add

Aspenify Vantage™ for Climate related Financial Disclosures

Use Case : Climate Related Financial Disclosures (CFD)

Industry : Financial Services and Insurance

Summary : Financial regulations are evolving to drive more scrutiny for driving accurate and positive impact around climate change and carbon footprint. To this aim companies are now accelerating adoption of policies to track climate related financial disclosure reporting. Aspenify, along with our partner, are actively supporting this Insurance client in driving systematic disclosures for TCFD compliance.

“The market is shifting rapidly to require a robust TCFD compliance platform for the insurance industry. Aspenify has all the key features we need and then some…”

two man holding white paper
Aspenify Vantage™ for Health and Safety Accreditation and Compliance.

Use Case : Health and Safety Supplier Accreditation and Compliance

Industry : Facilities Management

Summary : There is strong motivation across organisations to adopt industry standards for risk management and business continuity. Adoption can be complex, costly and time consuming. Our digital-ready platform streamlines service delivery, increases transparency and adds new sources of revenue.

We’re standardizing on Aspenify for all our Risk, Health and Safety services. After 20+ years in the business I haven’t seen a more comprehensive or flexible solution as Aspenify.

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Aspenify Vantage™ for Supply Chain Accreditation and Compliance

Use Case : Global Trade Compliance for large scale manufacturers

Industry : Computer Software / Manufacturing

Summary : Leading manufacturing and distribution companies are actively focusing on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) across their entire Value Chain. Our client has selected Aspenify as it’s platform for service management and delivery of a new Global Trade Management application. Achieving a new milestones for transparency and compliance, universally among partners and suppliers.

“We have scanned the entire market searching for a solution to the scale and complexity of our clients. Aspenify is built for global scale and has a simple and flexible approach to driving consistent results in a multi-tier partner model…”