About Aspenify

Aspenify is the Low-Code Digital Application Platform for Enterprises.

Aspenify is your cloud-based, digital application platform for playbook-powered enterprise applications that scale innovation, accelerate sales and increase overall business resilience.

Our History

Aspenify was founded in 2018 with a specific mission and purpose – to provide an innovative digital software platform and applications that can help organizations combat the increasing levels of disruption they are faced with.

Disruptions can appear from multiple areas including threats from new competitors, climate change, global pandemics, geo-political uncertainty and macro-economic pressures.

Our Mission

Automate Sustainable Business Resilience for Enterprise | Midmarket | Emerging Tech

Accelerate Customer Journeys for emerging solutions, products and capabilities. Sell more, further, faster.

Scale Innovation to combat competitve threats and market disruption

To be a competitive Digital organization we need to re-think the way applications are used across their enterprise. Most companies are overloaded with applications and tools – each aligned with a specific use, isolated from each other and very difficult and complex to integrate and coordinate together. In a recent study over 80% of most companies today use manual intensive Spreadsheets and paper to fill the gaps in their operational workflows. See (https://quandarycg.com/warning-spreadsheets-will-ruin-your-business/) for more information.

Modern digital businesses are different – they are built on the premise of tighter integration between applications driven by a comprehensive workflow oriented solution.

Our Platform

Aspenify has now developed a platform and application portfolio to provide the same capabilities as the leading digital businesses at a fraction of the cost and effort. By using Aspenify our clients can achieve enhanced Modern Application experiences, streamline workflows and automate operations at scale with minimal impact or change across your current application investments and infrastructure.

Consider Aspenify as your plug-and-play digital application platform that is 100% complementary with your current IT and Application investments.

In terms of security and scalability we have developed our platform from the ground up to be cloud-scale with enhanced security to ensure that all customer requirements can be met.

Our Portfolio

The Aspenify portfolio consists of two layers of software solutions – our platform and our application portfolio built on the platform. Here is how it works :

The digital foundation – Aspenify Pathway. A flexible digital application platform, now known as Aspenify Pathway, that can simplify and streamline the development of new application experiences based on modern application principals, interactive playbooks with enhanced workflow and automate key outcomes at scale across distributed teams and communities.

The digital applications – A portfolio of application solutions powered by the Aspenify Pathway platform to enable the following three use cases :

  1. Achieve optimal value for innovation investments
  2. Accelerate sales enablement for emerging Solutions
  3. Shift from reactive to proactive resilience and compliance

Our Leadership

Our leadership team commits our company to positively contribute to the World around us by actively supporting local communities, helping to address climate change and the environment where we can and promoting diverse cultures and opportunities across our customers, partners and employees.

Has extensive experience in a wide variety of industries and professions and have led innovation, engineering, services, marketing, sales, operations Fortune 100 companies and Partner Ecosystems.

Are passionate about customer success and are 100% committed to the mutual success of our customers, partners, employees and investors.

Hold collaboration and Co-Creation at their core. With a strong belief that the future will be driven by multiple companies and teams working together for the betterment of all.

Recognize that investments and value are also key to the success of any enterprise. Our passion for Customer Success is also aligned with our commitment to Revenue Growth, Scaling the Organization and achieving success for our Investors, Employees, Partners and Customers.

Aspenify Today

Aspenify has amassed thousands of registered users across their partner organizations.

The bulk of their clientele are Business Leaders seeking to disrupt and innovate through Digital Transformation; Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain Providers; Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Local Growth Companies and Incubators; all who sought a faster, easier way to create Digital experiences to drive new growth and disrupt their competition.