Venture Examples

Aspenify Venture™ Use Cases

Aspenify Venture™ for Innovation Lifecycle Management

Use Case : Concept to Market Acceleration for Global Telecommunication Solutions Company

Industry : Information Technology and Telecommunications

Summary : Aspenify’s Venture Innovation Management solution provides our client, and their global engineering community with a place to capture new ideas and drive them through a standard innovation lifecycle. The primary goal of this solution is to streamline and accelerate the process of ideation through venture development and and market launch.

“Thanks to our Aspenify platform we have reduced time to market for new offerings by 20% while increasing quality of our ideation process and venture management process significantly.”

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Aspenify Venture™ for Venture Community Development

Use Case : Entrepreneur & Venture Community Development

Industry : Business Accelerators, Incubators and Growth Companies

Summary : Our client helps entrepreneurs and startup ventures develop their capabilities and connect with advisors across industries. The Aspenify platform and Venture application provides our client with venture registration, playbook catalog, a coaching network community, interactive enablement sessions, and a service directory.

“We are providing our clients with a one-stop-shop venture management solution powered by Aspenify. It’s a gamechanger for entrepreneurs seeking to learn from a shared knowledgebase and connect with a community of coaches and specialists to gain insights and advantage in their respective markets…”