Aspenify provides an enterprise cloud software as a service platform for managing strategic innovation and transformation programmes and initiatives across their entire lifecycle. Combining an interactive playbook studio, embedded workflow management and knowledge base plus cross project tracking and dashboarding.

When you are driving innovation and change across your organisation, Senaryo Service and Aspenify Software are your perfect choice.

Senaryo Services

“… it’s so versatile. It means that you can take that template that you’ve got and readjust it to meet another option that your business may have. “


“Aspenify has helped us to streamline our knowledge management, especially around customer on-boarding. With multiple customers on-boarding every day, maintaining the knowledge across the organisation to ensure uniform customer on-boarding experiences was a challenge that Aspenify solves.”

Partap Roy, Vice-President- Product & Solutions, bizKonnect


“We have been working with Aspenify over the past year and have been impressed by their forward thinking and willingness to work as a team. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership together.”

James Palmer – Owner & Senior Creative K8 Design & Marketing

K8 Design & Marketing

“Aspenify is helping VAST streamline project management for agile planning and execution. The knowledge we get from one project is preserved and reused completely for new projects, helping process standardization, resulting in better control over deliveries across multiple accounts.”

Kaumudi P. Upasani, Director at ValueAdd Softtech

ValueAdd Softtech

“By delivering a library of Aspenify Playbooks, we believe that our customers, large and small, will benefit from being able to quickly apply the knowledge passed on by our experts, accelerating their start up or growth.”

Leigh Wharton, Director, Bubble Enterprises CIC

Bubble Enterprises

Aspenify is a game changer for those struggling to simplify the management and tracking of all corporate strategic initiatives.”

Nick Chang, VP Customer Success

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
I am excited to be working with Aspenify and believe that the Aspenify Application will be the key to successful knowledge management in all of our business collaboration

Lloyd Davis, a company created to manage knowledge and data and build an asset that can assist in the funding of the health and social care agenda in the UK
Lloyd-Davies Associates
"Aspenify playbooks give Rocket a superpower that enables us to activate a global network of VR arcades and distributors and accelerate our growth"

Doug Kryzan, CEO Rocket Worldwide
Rocket Worldwide