Knowledge Exchange

Collaborate, capture and publish re-usable playbooks, workflows and useful content

Knowledge Exchange Examples

Be a Coach, Mentor and Instructor

Mentors, Coaches and Instructors can monetize their lessons online through the Knowledge Exchange through the sales of educational modules or full courses easily through our simple to use Marketplace.

Publish Travel Itineraries Online

Ever thought to yourself “Wouldn’t it be cool if I can publish, promote and sell my Travel Itineraries and share them with my global communities?”

Sell Home Improvement How-to Guides

How about capturing your experiences while improving your home and sharing them as tips, tricks and checklists across a global community? What if you could monetize these guides at the click of a button?

Publish, Browse, Shop and Monetize Playbooks Online through the Aspenify Knowledge Exchange

Aspenify Knowledge Exchange

Monetize, Browse, Shop and Review Playbooks across a global community

  • Browse and Select Playbooks by Category and Tags
  • Publish Playbooks for Free or for Fee
  • Download Playbooks and associated content to personal Workspace
  • Review and Endorse Playbooks, Content and Tools
  • Subscribe to preferred Knowledge Designers and Contributors
  • Enhanced IP Protection and Tracking through our proprietary ledger

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