Knowledge Designer

Collaborate, capture and publish re-usable playbooks, workflows and useful content

Knowledge Designer Examples

Employee Onboarding

Our Real Estate clients are using Aspenifys innovative Knowledge Designer module enables teams to seamlessly capture onboarding steps, content and tools required to onboard a new employee or team members.

Best Practice Development

Our IT Services clients are using Aspenify to Capture Design and Implementation best practices for diverse hardware and software technologies. These best practice playbooks can then be shared globally.

Curriculum Development

Our Education and University clients are using the Knowledge Designer to create and share curriculum for their students. Each curriculum can be easily loaded into a playbook along with reference materials and tools.

Accelerate time to productivity with Aspenify Knowledge Designer

Aspenify Knowledge Designer

Create, Share and Publish Playbooks

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Step by Step, Team Checklists & Timeline Views
  • Collaborative creation capabilities
  • Real-time feedback
  • Seamlessly link content to Activities
  • Embedded RACI Team and Role Assignments
  • Peer Review and Self Publishing

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