Knowledge Navigator

Re - Use and Customize playbooks to launch, manage and track events, projects or initiatives.

Knowledge Navigator Examples

Purchasing a Home

Another Real Estate example where our clients are using Aspenify Knowledge Navigator to provide increase transparency for clients, partners and providers.

Opening a Restaurant

How about opening a new restaurant. Aspenify Knowledge Navigator can be used to provide an A-Z step by step plan, tools and documents required to launch a new Restaurant.

Franchise Activation

One of our game development clients uses Knowledge Navigator to support the activation of video game arcades in launching new family oriented VR games.

Accelerate Team Readiness, increase Productivity and enhance Client Transparency

  • Step - by - Step, timeline and team checklist Views
  • Transparent Individual, Group or overall Project Status
  • Real - time updates for assigned activities
  • Live Notifications and Alerts
  • Provided as Web or Mobile App
  • Continuously Improve Playbooks and initiatives based on Feedback

Aspenify Knowledge Navigator

Launch, Manage and Track Initiatives

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